AntiGravity® Fitness Parent/Child Classes




What is Parent/Child AntiGravity® Fitness?


AntiGravity® Fitness is a fusion technique using aspects of yoga, pilates, dance, and aerial arts. Parent/Child AntiGravity® Fitness is a weekly program that provides a bonding experience for you and your child while integrating healthy, playful behavior into your lives.

The Harrison Hammock provides the opportunity to:    

Build strength and flexibility in a supportive environment
• Nurture your child's proprioceptive development 
Cultivate playful lightness in mind, body, and heart
Explore the joy of movement, together 



What do you do?

In the Parent/Child classes, we modify AntiGravity® Fitness poses to allow a parent to practice together with their child. Each class builds on the previous week to promote gentle stretching, core strength building, and bonding while introducing an element of lightness and play.

What classes are offered?

The Parent/Baby class (ages birth -2) focuses on gentle stretching, core strength building, and meditation--designed to nurture bonding with your child in a soothing environment. Also introduces child-driven exploration and thematic material in a supportive environment.

The Parent/Child class (ages 3 -5) utilizes thematic material to engage your child while you both explore flying, strength-building, stretching, breathing, and meditative techniques to enhance the mind-body connection.


New Night Classes

Ages 0-2, Tuesday 6:00pm

Ages 3-5, Monday 6:00pm  


Winter 2017 Session starts the week of January 22nd and runs for 8 weeks.


HOLIDAY SWINGS 2 week session Available! Click here 


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