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Please consider supporting our endeavors to enrich the musical development of so many less-fortunate families. With your contribution, together we can continue to be a driving force in early childhood music education, as well as building healthy family bonding and community relationships.

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 Distribution of donations received from July 2011 - June 2012

Description of Venues and Services:

1. Families in Need: Imagination Place provides financial support to families in the community who otherwise would not be able to afford music education and artistic enrichment for their children.

2. DDI Vantage: is an early intervention provider which offers services for children birth to age three who may experience delays in one or more of the following areas of development:   Cognition (thinking skills and problem solving, Health (including vision and hearing), Communication (expressive and receptive language), Motor (fine and gross), Adaptive or Self-Help, Social-Emotional.  The goal is to minimize the effects of the condition reducing the need for long term intervention throughout the child's school years.  Imagination place provides scholarship funds under our Heal Foundation to families that enables them to Take Music Together® classes.

3. House of Hope: Building futures and unifying families to stop generational substance abuse, child abuse and family violence, this center provides quality, affordable, substance abuse treatment, education, and prevention services to those who are in need. Imagination Place provided 10 at risk families Music Together® classes as a healthy family activity that naturally develops lasting bonds and forges lasting happy family activities.

4. Senior Centers: Imagination Place offered volunteer opportunities for families each month to join us at assisted senior centers through-out the valley for young and old to make music together.

5. Preschool Programs: In an effort to bring quality after-school programming to at-risk youth, Imagination Place partnered with the Learning Tree preschool offering Imagination Workshop activities such as drumming, adventure dance, art, theatre games and yoga once a week for ten weeks.

6. YWCA Teen Mothers: Partnering with the YWCA, Imagination Place provided the Music Together® curriculum for five parenting teen girls and their babies in an effort to model healthy bonding parenting skills.

7. Dream Center: Imagination Place assisted in the center’s vision to holistically provide physical and educational after-school programs for children of low‐income families in strategic neighborhoods by offering three music/movement and drumming workshops.

 8. Children’s Center: This center provides comprehensive mental health care to enhance the emotional well-being of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and their families. Research has shown the benefits of early childhood music education for self‐regulating emotional well-being. Imagination Place provided the Music Together® preschool curriculum for 36 children in four morning classes over the 2009/2010 school year.


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