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Voted by Utah Family Best Family Music Program six years in a row!

I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I truly appreciate the opportunity my daughter, W, was given to attend music class at Imagination Place. A little background on my daughter: She is currently 1 1/2 years old. She was born premature and was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome, and spent six weeks in hospital after she was born. Of course, my concern had been not only with her physical, but also her social and verbal development as well. Before attending the music classes, W. was a bit shy and rarely made any kids of sounds that children typically make. The first few classes, she seemed to take it all in, not really interacting much, but then all of a sudden she started socializing with everyone! Crawling after the other children to play with them, shaking her little arms with the songs, picking out the instrument she would play with during class, saying da, da, da and la, la, la.

I know it may seem like such a small thing, but this has had a huge impact in her life. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity you gave to W. Sincerely, R.S.


Henry loved the class- he is singing the songs daily, under his breath, in the car, at the table.....we'll see you in the fall!


Hi Darlene,


I wanted to e-mail and say "Thank You" for the music foundation that you, other teachers at Imagination Place, and the Music Together program have provided for my family.  I am the mother of Ellen Hayashi, and Ellen and I started Music Together shortly after turned two in 2005.  We attended until she was too old for the basic courses.  We just loved the classes! Sometimes we listen to the CDs again in the car, and I still sing some of the lullabies to her.  In this way the class was also great for me because I’m now much more comfortable singing! I can enjoy singing with Ellen, which is just great in the home!


Ellen just started violin lessons this past December (on top of her voice and piano lessons). Last week, Ellen’s teacher commented to her dad on her amazement of how rapidly Ellen is learning the violin.  She asked if Ellen had a lot of music training in her background.  Herb told her that he thought maybe having all those semesters of Music Together might have helped.  He said that the teacher just looked at him and said, "You think?!" Obviously the training that you provided Ellen has had an impact!


I've also made some videos of Ellen's last piano recitals and her first violin recital on our website: http://web.me.com/k2slc/Hayashi_happenings_2009/


Thank you again for starting the Music Together program here in SLC and for all your efforts with the kids.  In our view, it is just a wonderful program and we're thrilled with the foundation that it laid for Ellen!


I just wanted to let you know that my son has absolutely adored the Music Together classes.  Toby is 22 months and LOVES Tiffanie Parkin (in fact I think he loves her more than me) and absolutely goes bananas when we go to class.  He listens to the CDs ALL. THE. TIME. and has even started to show signs that he can sing along!  Thank you so much for offering these classes.  It has been a wonderful experience for both Toby and me. If Toby is starting to have a tantrum and is freaking out, singing songs from the Music Together CD or just playing the CD stops him in his tracks.  I kid you not.  He stops screaming, listens, and 99% of the time decides to be happy again.  Music Together is LIKE A MIRACLE!


Thank you so much for our first session of Music Together. We have loved it. When I ask Elaina on Saturdays if she wants to go see Miss Stephanie and go to music class, she runs to get her book and pulls her shoes on.  I have loved watching her grow and become more social and more musically aware. I have always felt that music is a very important part of life. Not only our childrens' lives but ours as well. It's amazing to watch Elaina learning to love it too.


I would like my kids continue developing with the great program that music together is. Thank you for all your support and for being part of my kids development and future. That is something that we will never be able to compensate. God bless you for all your efforts and kindness.


Dear Families,

Since I have moved to Park City I have found that a great class has been missed out by many and is largely unknown.  I am talking about MUSIC TOGETHER!
In San Francisco I took Alexander to Music Together from 4 months until right before we moved here.  Once we moved here I started taking Jackie to the Park City classes.  Both of my children LOVE these classes!
I just wanted to put a plug in for these great classes because I don’t think many moms here are familiar with the program.  For those of you not familiar with Music Together they offer music and movement class for ages birth through 4 years old. Research has shown the major benefits of early childhood music education and Music Together is the best I’ve seen. So not only are we having fun, I know with this class my kids are achieving important developmental milestones. I find the classes fun for my kids and for me. We sing, dance, and play instruments.
Christy Kent

Dear Darlene and Paul,

Thank you so much for a wonderful music experience. Dawn was great. Our children have loved it and grown leaps and bounds in their response to music, especially Music Together.

I find Miles bah-bah-baaaaahing at the most random moments through out the day. It is heart-warming. Thanks again for all that you guys do. We look forward to the next round of classes!

Susan, Noelle, Bill, Stephani

Dear Darlene,

Thank you for the beautiful and wonderful introduction to music. Our family has benefited tremendously from the experience of Music Together.

Ricky, Christine, Jackie

Dear Music Together,

Thank you so much for the scholarship you gave us. That was truly kind of you and we appreciated it. Thank you also for bringing this wonderful program to the area. We have all benefited so much from attending the class and bringing the music home. What a tremendous experience it has provided us! Thank you!

Leslie, Elizabeth, Laura

Dear Darlene,

Thank you so much for another wonderful session of Music Together! I don't know who enjoys "CLASS!" (as Madeleine exclaims as we pull into the parking lot each Wednesday) more, Madeleine or me. Your music talent, encouragement of active participation, and gift with children have made our sessions at Imagination Place truly special.

As a full-time working mom, I relish every moment with my child. Thank you for making Wednesday mornings especially so. We look forward to seeing Madeleine continue to grow in her enjoyment of music!

Sheila, Madeleine

Hi Paul & Darlene!

Wanted to send a belated THANK YOU! for the generous auction gift you supplied for our "Picnic in the Park"... the Wasatch Presbyterian Preschool annual fundraiser. The event was a huge success... fun was had by all, and we were able to substantially top prior fundraising dollars. Only with tremendous help from friends like you was our success possible. Thanks again!

I too want to personally thank you for providing our community and our family with Imagination Place. It is very hard to believe that we have been an MT family for more than four years now... Olivia, Sam, Jason and I truly love the experience of music that we all share via Music Together, Musical Bridge and soon, Imagination Workshop. Thanks from all of the Cowans!

Thanks again and again for your support in our efforts to nurture our little people!


I am writing this letter to offer a heartfelt THANK YOU for letting me and my daughter participate in your Park City program. We were able to participate because of a scholarship, and we want you to know that we are very grateful. The program has proved to be invaluable in helping me and my daughter take little steps in healing from the loss of my husband. It helped me so greatly to have a safe, friendly place to go each week. The musical activities gave me and my daughter something positive to focus on. Our teacher, Stephanie, did a nice job of making us feel welcome. Thank you so much. We hope to see you again in the fall.

Music Together Family

Thanks so much.  Sam could spend every day with you guys.  Thank you for being such a huge part of our lives with such consistently wonderful programs.  It is so rare to find a place like Imagination Place where EVERYTHING you do is superb.  It doesn’t matter what class my kids are in, I know that is going to have a big impact on them and they will love it.

Beth Ellen (Summer 2011)

Our 18 mo. old daughter (Kassidy) absolutely loves Tiffany and the fun music class. It has been a pleasure seeing her music awareness blossom over her 1st semester. Thank you for such an inspiring program with an amazingly talented instructor.

K Wright (Spring 2011)

I just want to let you know this because this classes are so valuable for us because it help them a lot. William is starting to sing melodies even though he is not speaking yet. That is priceless.

 Anyway. Thank you so much for this wonderful program.

Paola W

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