Scholarship Renewal Application

Imagination Place Scholarship Renewal Application: 




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Session Applying for  (circle one):     Spring    Summer    Fall     Winter    What year?______

Children's Name/Birthdate:

1. What is your and your spouse's occupation?

2. Does your child receive food stamps or any other government subsidies program?

3. Do you qualify for state or government insurance programs?

4. Did you read your booklet, Music Together At Home, and/or watch the Music Together DVD? What points of interest did you find?

5. What have been the significant aspects of your Imagination Place experience this past session?

6. What have you learned about your child(ren)'s musical development in class?

7. What musical behaviors have you brought home?

8. What spontaneous musical behaviors have you seen your child(ren) creating?

9. How do you feel about participating in class?

10. What amount of the tuition are you looking for the scholarship fund to provide? What amount can your family contribute?

11. Do you have a skill, talent, or product that you are willing to share with Imagination Place as barter for tuition? (Examples include graphic design, advertising assistance, technology support, repairs, cleaning, etc)

To download the Scholarship Renewal Application, click hereScholarship Renewal Application

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