AntiGravity® Fitness - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is AntiGravity® Fitness?

A. AntiGravity® Fitness is a fusion of fitness techniques which have been modified and enhanced to fit the yoga mold. It utilizes aspects of traditional yoga, pilates, calisthenics, dance, and gymnastics.  AntiGravity® Fitness is designed to increase one’s overall heath and physical agility while having fun and creating beauty.

Q. Can that Harrison Hammock hold me?

A. Yes, it can easily hold over 1,000 lbs so it will support you!

Q. I haven’t done yoga before. Will I be able to do this?

A. In a word, YES! No prior yoga experience is necessary. We have small classes with certified teachers who give you individualized attention to ensure proper form. The exercises and pace of the exercises can be modified to fit your needs, goals and fitness level.

Q. I’ve done yoga in the past and I used to exercise regularly but I’m pretty out of shape now.  Will I be able to do AntiGravity® Fitness?

A. Yes! AntiGravity® Fitness is open to all Levels. Since this is the first time AntiGravity® Fitness is being offered in SLC it will be new for everyone. Therefore we will be starting at the same level.  As the classes progress, the exercises and pace of the exercises can be modified to fit your needs, goals and fitness level. However, if you are coping with an injury, it is always best to have your doctor’s consent before embarking on any new exercise program or therapy.

Q. I have bad knees and/or back problems. Other exercises exacerbate my pains. How will AntiGravity® Fitness feel on my aches and pains?

A. AntiGravity® Fitness allows you to be in complete control of your own resistance, including how much weight and pressure you put on your joints. The AntiGravity® Fitness hammock allows for equal distribution of body weight and therefore helps relieve the pressure normally placed on your knees and back.

Q. I’m pregnant. Can I take this class?

A. Yes, you control the movements in your hammock so you can certainly choose to do more or less based on your size and your needs. Of course, we recommend you speak to your Doctor or midwife if you have any specific concerns.

Q. Can my child take class with me?

A. Children ages 11-15 may attend with a parent/caregiver if they have yoga, gymnastics, sports, cheerleading, or other fitness demanding experience.  Children 16 and up may attend without an adult.  All children need a parental signature on their waiver release form.

Q. I’m an athlete, is AntiGravity® Fitness a good option for Cross–Training?

A. Absolutely! AntiGravity® Fitness is a complete total body workout that strengthens core and increases overall agility. The utilization of the Harrison Hammock allows overworked muscles to relax as secondary muscles take over to lengthen and strengthen.

Q. What can/can't I wear?

A. Comfortable, fitting clothing with sleeves is the best for class. In an effort to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the Harrison hammocks, please refrain from wearing jewelry, velcro clothing and heavy makeup. (If needed, use a band-aid over wedding rings, piercings, etc.)

Q. When are classes offered?

A. For our current schedule, please visit our online scheduler.

Q. How much are classes?

A. For our current prices, please visit our pricing page.

Q. What are your reservation, cancellation, and other policies?

A. For our current policies, please visit our terms and conditions page.

Q. I have my kids during the day. Is childcare provided?

A. Yes, we have babysitting available either for free or a nominal fee specific days. For childcare availability, please visit our online scheduler.

Q. Where have I seen the Harrison hammock used in performance?

• The Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Games featured an AntiGravity® Hammock performance nightly at the Olympic Medals Plaza.
• The Obama Inauguration Neighborhood Ball on ABC television featured performances on the AntiGravity® Hammock .
• Mariah Carey flew in the air in an AntiGravity® Hammock on her "Charmbracelet Tour". The stunt was designed by AntiGravity®.
• 50 Cent was flanked by The Women of AntiGravity® performing in AntiGravity® Hammocks on the 2007 B.E.T Awards.


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